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Elevating patient care to an art requires the concerted skills, dedication and passion of people in every discipline. At Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, our pharmacists are vital members of the total patient care team. Their expertise is critical to achieving the exceptional patient care for which we are known and trusted. Our world-class Pharmacy Department includes six satellite pharmacies, the Drug Information Center, three outpatient pharmacies and the Central Pharmacy. Our staff of over 300 employees includes pharmacists, technicians, residents/interns, and support personnel. In addition, we are committed to providing you with the most advanced information technology and resources available, including EPIC, Micromedex, OVID and MD Consult. If you?re looking for the opportunity to practice at the highest level of your profession, join us at our 977-bed, Level I Trauma facility in Los Angeles, California.

Scope of Practice

• Surgery — Cardiology — Orthopedics
• Pediatrics
• Oncology/Hematology
• OB/GYN — Transplantation — Immune Deficiency (HIV) — Neurosurgery
• Emergency Medicine
• Endocrinology — Psychiatry — Internal Medicine
• Rehabilitation — Skilled Nursing


Our program is currently undergoing major renovation in order to create a progressive training program that provides learning experiences that build on the academic curriculum. Look for more information about our upcoming career programs on the Professional Education page of our Pharmacy Services web site, or contact us at 310-423-5611.

Career Ladders

The Department offers upward mobility for both Pharmacists and Technicians, providing opportunities for career development and advancement. The Pharmacist Career Ladder has two pathways – a management track, and a clinical track that is peer reviewed and based upon a demonstrated commitment to patient care, the Department and the profession.

Pharmacy Benefits

The benefits of working at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center include:

• 26 days of paid time off, as well as medical and dental insurance.
• $10,000 in reimbursement to pharmacists who have recently completed their
   professional training.
• Onsite accredited continuing education programs.
• Tuition reimbursement for external education programs up to $600.00 per year
• Opportunities to serve as a preceptor for pharmacy students and residents
• Support for presentation at professional meetings
• Support and salary adjustment for Board-Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist
   (BCPS) certification.
• Education of medical staff including house staff and other health care professionals
   and patients.

Career Opportunities

Click to view current opportunities for Pharmacists and Technicians, and further details on our First Year Residency Training Program (Medication Management & Systems | Residency Training PGY-1) and Second Year Specialized Residency Training Program.